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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Unlike the other inventions, the scientist that came out with the idea of television (TV) is difficult to be acknowledged. While the issue of its inventor is still being greatly disputed, the number of TV channels competing in the market has been rapidly increasing. Recalling the scarcity of choice the public faced a few years back, the world has advanced by giving the society an advantage to escape from the hassle of their lives through its engaging source of entertainment. Recently, reality TV shows have caused a shift to the showbiz industry and gradually became an effective instrument used to attract more viewers. However, it has been suggested that the family-based reality TV programme brings more harm than good to the society. Although most of the shows encourage family bonding, it is apparent that the audience of all ages are more vulnerable to the negative images shown in the TV shows. Since family-based reality TV shows portray a negative reflection to the society, it detriments the public mentally, socially and physiologically.

Family-based reality TV shows produce psychological problems to the public. Contrary to the popular belief that the function television is to entertain its viewers, the shows actually lead its watchers to be more emotionally disturbed. John P. Robinson and Steven Martin from University of Maryland have stated that TV "causes" unhappiness (Robinson 85). This is because the main intention of the producers to maximize their profits has undeniably motivated them to emphasis on showing a great deal of stressful scenarios. For instance, the producers tend to show audiences to troubled stimuli involving family dramas; disagreement, fight and divorce. In the family-based reality TV series Keeping Up of The Kardashians, the audiences are exposed to Kim’s stressful lifestyle including her divorce to a basketball player, Kris Humphries after 72 days of their glamorously publicized marriage (Levine 4). Hence, it is irrefutable that...
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