Reality Therapy

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Reality Therapy

Founders of Theory: William Glasser

Nature of the Person

• Our brain functions as a control system. It continually monitors our feelings to determine how well we are doing in our lifelong effort to satisfy these needs. Whenever we feel bad, one or more of these five needs is unsatisfied. • We are not born as blank slates waiting to be externally motivated by forces in the world around us. We are born with five genetically encoded needs: survival, love and belonging, power or achievement, freedom or independence, and fun-that drive us all of our lives. Each of us has all five needs, but they vary in strength. • The more we are able to connect with people, the greater chance we have to experience happiness. We are by nature social creatures; we need to both give and receive love. • In our quality world, people are the most important component. These are the people we want most to connect with, are closet to, and most enjoy being with. • From birth to death all that we do is behave. With rare exceptions, everything we do is chosen. Every total behavior is purposeful. It is our best attempt to get what we want to satisfy our needs, to close the gap between what we want and what we perceive we are getting, and to gain the most effective control of our lives. • The need to love and belong is the primary need because we need people to satisfy our other needs. It is also the most difficult need to satisfy because we must have a cooperative person to help us meet it. • We develop our own inner picture albums with specific images of people, activities, events, beliefs, possessions, and situations that fulfill our needs and satisfy our wants. Many times our pictures exist in priority order, but sometimes we may have difficulty identifying our priorities. • A success identify can be seen as being able to give and receive love, feel that you are significant to others, feel powerful, possess a sense of self-worth, and meet your needs in ways that are not at the expense of others. Conversely, a failure identity can be seen in a lack of confidence and a tendency to give up, feel inadequate, or not even try. • Our total behavior is made up of four inseparable but distinct components-acting, thinking, feeling, and physiology. Our actions and our thoughts are the most important: They drive our emotions and our physiology. • Our behavior is language, and we send messages by what we are doing. The purpose is to influence the world around us to get what we want. • Our behaviors come from the inside; thus we choose our one destiny. We are the people that we are because of the choices that we make. We have freedom, we can make choices, and we are responsible for what we choose to do with our lives. • We are the products of our past, but we are not the victims of our past unless we choose to be. The mistakes we made in the past are not important because we can only satisfy our needs in the present. • The only person that we can control is ourselves.

• Our behavior is language, and we send messages by what we are doing. The purpose is to influence the world around us to get what we want.

Nature of the Maladjustment

• Reality therapist believe the underlying problem of most clients is the same: They are either involved in a present unsatisfying relationship or lack what could even be called a relationship. • Many problems of clients are caused by their inability to connect, to get close to others, or to have a satisfying or successful relationship with at least one significant person in their lives.

Goals of Counseling Therapy

• Teach clients to behave in more effective ways
• Help client look for better choices of fulfilling all of their needs • Don’t label client with diagnosis
• To help clients get connected or reconnected with the people they have chosen to put in their quality world.

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