Reality Stars vs High School Students

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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When most people watch reality shows they talk about how immature they are. How they don’t have more aspirations but to continue doing series of reality shows. How they just think about that doing immature things like drinking too much, partying all the time, and fighting with others for no reason to be the center of attention. Well most teens in high school think people like this are people they should look up to, and think that it is a way they should be living their lives. Even though not all high school want to be the center of attention, there students that do and can be compared to reality TV stars because they think that they can just go out, party, drink and that they need that life style. Reality stars try to get on TV shows so that they can become famous, to get noticed, and to make easy money. What they do not realize is that their lives are out there for the world to see and that every move they are making is judged by so many people. Just like in the reality show Jersey Shore they all do very immature things such as, drink all the time, they don’t have real jobs, they get arrested for being intoxicated and being a nuisance in public. Although this can be an easy way to make money they don’t have the decency to act like the “adults” they think they are. They don’t think about how their families can see how they act on TV and how it can be a bit embarrassing, how it can really change the way they think of them, if they have children that they can see how their parents acted or how they are acting. They think that causing drama and making a scene will make them famous, when really they just make themselves look irresponsible, careless, and reckless. They never consider that they can’t live off this forever and even though some of them try to and start up other businesses from the shows such as starting clothing lines, making perfumes and makeup they do that it might not work and that people and mostly young...
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