Reality of My Dreams

Topics: Highness, Majesty, Rooms Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Reality of my DREAMS
The brakes were finally released and the acceleration of our buses sent shivers down the spines of 23 fortunate students from Royal Thimphu College. Resonance due to the movement of the bus amplified my excitement. We gathered around the bus at 7:30 though the departure was scheduled at 8:30 AM. As we reached near Tashi Chhoe Dzong, my exhilaration intensified. I realized that my dreams were turning into reality. We were received by His Majesty’s Chamberlain. The senior Chamberlain briefed us upon the etiquettes that should be strictly followed in the throne room and, especially presence of His Majesty the king. Listening to the briefing, fear developed in lieu of excitement. Receiving an audience with His Majesty the king has been my long - awaited dream. Moreover, I was very lucky that His Majesty the king was willing to act as my patron to support and guide me financially for my academic expenses. This willingness has kept me motivated to work harder and to be consistent. After an extensive briefing by the senior chamberlain, we were led to the guest room. At the entrance of the Dzong, the policemen saluted to the chamberlain, stamping their boots on the ground, producing a loud Thud. We were served Shamdey and Suja according to traditional Bhutanese hospitality. We were also joined by 60 other friends who were granted scholarships by His Majesty to pursue their tertiary education in India and Thailand. After a few more minutes, we were asked to queue to enter the throne room. As we walked in line, I was growing more apprehensive. The stairs were lustrous and shiny, and I felt uneasy walking over it. The bold and huge policemen were standing in every corner of the staircase, so I walked attentively in order to prevent any kind of accident. They were holding AK47 rifles in their arms and I was mindful to surpass my clumsiness. “Wai alu, hurry up! What are you doing? Come over here.” called the chamberlain from the other side of the room....
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