Reality of Clarice "Precious" Jones in Push

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Verbal abuse Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: October 2, 2011

“...the end, nothe BEGINNING.” Perfectly stated byRhonda Patrice Johnson and devoured by a captivated audience, Push delivers the reader to a newbeginning in a realistic world most seek to deny. Written by the anonymousauthor, Sapphire is bent on delivering realism in its thickest and most pureform, Push catapults the reader intoa world wrought with poverty, horrific abuse, and surreal sadness permeated bya stench of undying racism. In order to achieve this intense sense of realismand a sincere connection with a world many purposely forget, Sapphire deliversa story of hope and unshakable sadness through the eyes of a young black girlby the name of Claireece Precious Jones. It is through these innocent youngeyes that the audience is able to consciously connect with a realistic worldplagued by an undying thirst for racism, and drenched in the atrocities ofsexual, mental, and physical abuse.

Throughout Push, Sapphire consistently andmethodically outlines color and induces a heavy dose of racism within arealistic world. From beginning to end, Clareece delivers a potent sense ofracism from the description of her school principle as a “White cunt box” toher obsession with “Farrakhan” and his racial doctrine of, “Crackers is thecause of everything bad.” (Sapphire p.34). Furthermore, Clareece continues tooutline her hatred for whites as she alludes to a “Farrakhan” story describinghow white men would force themselves on the wives of slaves while forcing theslave man to watch. Clareece continues to elaborate by stating, “Miz Rain saywe is a nation of raped children, that the black man in America today is theproduct of rape.” (Sapphire p.69).Interestingly enough, Clareece reveals this story to the audience whileattempting to describe her hatred for her own father and his actions towardsher. To elaborate, by delivering this comparison between her father and thewhite man, Clareece feels she is adequately describing her hatred for each. Sapphirealso...
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