Reality Bites

Topics: Intelligence, Intelligence quotient, Protagonist Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: December 9, 2011
"Reality Bites" is a simple, interesting film about a love triangle, but it is also about the differences in people and their intelligence to be successful in life. At least in my opinion, that is the one thing in this movie that is very clear. It keeps you wondering about giving yourself a sense of hope or simply complaining about how difficult life really is. I also found some of the topics we learned in class with aspects of the movie.

Our three main characters are, first, Lelaina Pierce, who is a young valedictorian graduate who is in search of her place in the world. The second main character is Troy Dyer, her highly intelligent ex-boyfriend, who is smart, yet down on the world, and conforming to any social society that comes along. The character of Troy, as the film progresses shows that his layers of isolation and self-protection gradually melt away to reveal a troubled, yet warmly sincere young man. Then, third, we have the very average Michael Grates, who is very successful in the entertainment industry yet, he is non-intellectual. One of the characters is also Lelaina's roommate, Vicki Miner, who works at a GAP and sleeps with 66 boys before she gets tested for AIDS. All these characters together form a modern-day soap opera. From one perspective, it displays the confused interrelationship-etiquette seen in today's society. It also displays these young people struggling to fight against the commercialization that "reality" brings upon them.

Reading the psychology book Invitation to Psychology book by Carole Wade and Carol Tavris, I found the The Modern Study of Personality topic relate to all of the characters in the film. All of them seemed to be in the extroverted side rather than in the introverted side. All of the characters included traits such as being talkative, sociable and adventurous as opposed to being silent, reclusive or cautious. None of them were likely to stay in the shadows. Vicki and Michael seemed to have...
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