Realistic Story of the Fall of the House of Usher

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Fall of the House of Usher

1. The details in the story seemed realistic. But the outcome seems too perfect. Even the symbols between the family and the house fit together just right, reminding us that the story isn’t as realistic as the descriptions that are given. Poe is able to give such detailed descriptions that seem to be real, but again all the pieces fitting together shows the planning of this story. The narrator describes rotting shrubs and trees to really explain the dreariness and eeriness of the house and even this situation. He even compares the house’s windows to human eyes, saying they are eye-like. The narrator explains the Usher family is “ancient” and describes the house as having original antiquities but the condition of the stone was crumbling and the discoloration showed how the house has aged over the years. It’s apparent that the house’s condition is very similar to Roderick and Madeline Ushers condition. It’s apparent that when the narrator refers to the “House of Usher” he is referring to not only the house but also the family that lives within. So the house is also a symbol for the Usher’s. Even when the narrator describes the house’s reflection in the shallow pool the house looking as though it is upside down relates to the relationship between Roderick and Madeline. As the story continues the narrator seems to be drawn to Roderick not being able to leave the house until it collapses. Roderick has not left the house for a long time due to his fear, its almost like a bigger force is keeping them there, the force of the house maybe.

2. I feel as though many of the descriptions Poe gives are meant to be literally and have symbolic meaning. When he speak of the House of Usher he is talking about the Usher family and the house itself. When Poe describes Roderick you get the sense that him and the house are similar in many ways and are connected. The poem “The Haunted Palace” seems to be a symbol for the pending doom upon...
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