Realian Movement

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The Raelian Movement
This essay will focus on the Raelian Movement. This movement was founded by Claude Vorilhon now called Rael. He is the prophet or spoke person for an Elohim, named Yahweh, the alien spoke person. He was asked to spread the truth and build an Embassy. The Elohim would only come back to Earth once this was done. It is our sign to them that we are ready to accept them and learn their scientific expertise. We will look at Raelian’s beliefs, their holidays, their rites and the structure of the Raelian church and the initiation of new members. I will show how the Bible stories are interwoven with the extraterrestrial stories, starting with the creation of life on this planet. This movement is worldwide and has many followers.

The followers can be found in numerous countries on all the continents. As of 2007, it is estimated that there is 65 000 members. The Raelian church is a hierarchy and has levels numbering from 0 to 6. The Level 0 is that of trainee going all the way to Level 6 which is the Guide of guides and the Planetary guide. It is estimated that the Raelian church structure has about 2,300 members, 170 Raelian guides and 41 bishops. Rael or Vorilhon has the highest position and he has held it for three seven year terms. (Wikipedia) To become a member or formally join the Raelian Movement, you must go through the rite of baptism or the Transmission of the Cellular Plan. This rite can only be performed by an upper-level member known in the Raëlian clergy as guides. The first part of the baptism is to deny any previous connections and break all ties with other religions. This is known as the Act of Apostasy. This is followed by the Transmission of the Cellular Plan. This ritual is believed to send the new member’s DNA makeup to an Elohim extraterrestrial computer. (Beyer) This DNA makeup “would become recognized during the final hour when they will be judged by the extraterrestrial Elohim”. (Wikipedia) The Raelians do not believe in evolution. They believe that DNA rejects mutations and that the Elohim planted life on the planet Earth some 25,000 years ago. (We will see how this is possible in the Creation Story.) They used science to accomplish this, as one day we will use science to do the same in the name of humanity.
They believe in a form of immortality that can only be accomplished by the pursuit of science in the field of cloning, therefore making the Transmission of the Cellular Plan very important part of the new member’s ritual. The belief is that the soul dies with the body. During the ceremony of the Transmission of the Cellular Plan, the Elohim record the memories and DNA of those being initiated. All human beings memories and DNA are being stored in a supercomputer. This information would be released for the resurrection (cloned) of the people. Once resurrected these people would be judged for past life actions. Those evil doers would get appropriate punishment. The Raelians also have ideas on how the world would and could achieve world peace. One government lead by the geniuses of the world. Only the more intelligent of our species could vote and run for government positions. The world government would have 12 regions. Each of the 12 regions would be divided up in 12 areas. Rael speaks of this new world government in his book “Geniocracy”.

The Raelians celebrate four holidays and it is only during these holidays that new members are baptised. * 1st Sunday in April, when Elohim created Adam and Eve.
* August 6, the date of the Hiroshima bombing in 1945. They believed this event to be the beginning of the Age of Apocalypse/Revelation. * October 7, when Rael met with past prophets(Jesus, Buddha, others) on board an Elohim craft * December 13, first contact between Rael and the Elohim named Yahweh ( Beyer) The Raelian theology is a combination of Bible passages from Genesis with a extraterrestrial spin. The Raelians believe that...
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