Real Women Have Curves

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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One of the central messages of the movie Real Women Have Curves deals with the insecurities, constant struggles and challenges of being overweight. Ana, the main protagonist of the movie, cannot go a day without her mom addressing her as “fatty.” She constantly struggles with an overbearing mom who just doesn’t understand. Although Ana’s mom means well, she doesn’t know the implications of her words. Instead of pushing her daughter to find a suitor, she pushes Ana away from her. By doing so, she alienates the people she loves the most.

Ana, however understands what her mom is doing is for her, she cannot relate. The barrier between the generations forges a different path for Ana. When her mom calls her fat, becomes the first instance we see Ana differ from her mom in opinion. This foreshadows how the story will turn out. Unlike her mother Ana realizes looks aren’t everything and that what really matters is on the inside. She wants to be judged on her thoughts, not her body and appearances. The second instance Ana breaks away from her mom, deals with her continuing education. Carmencita, her mom, insists that she either find a job, or work for her sister Estella. However, Ana’s English teacher opens her eyes to new possibilities of achieving more than her parents can ever imagine. He convinces her she an exceptional student who should pursue a higher education and convinces her that a mind is a terrible thing to waste and that she should, despite her adamant refusals, apply to college.

Ana brings up the topic of going to college and the first thing from her mom’s mouth is protests. Ana initially agrees to not “abandon” her family, and help out her sister at her sweatshop. However, after working hard there everyday until late, she realizes manual labor and hard work won’t bring her success. She sees the constant struggle her sister faces daily, constantly struggling to pay her workers and pay the rent on time. From the meager payment Bloomingdale pays for...
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