“Real Versus Virtual”

Topics: Emotion, Science, Society Pages: 5 (1798 words) Published: June 25, 2012
“Real versus Virtual”
Each individual has his or her perceptions on people, places and ideas, thus creating one’s definition of reality. With his or her concept of reality, either being physical or virtual relationships are conceived and shattered. Sherry Turkle expresses concern in human society regarding this issue. In “Alone Together”, Turkle illustrates how physical intimacy between humans is corroding due to the Internet. However, in “In the Forest of Gombe” Jane Goodall depicts one can retain physical intimacy between humans if an individual learns the healing relationship that nature has. Relationships are based of many concepts. Therefore, modern society cannot be receptive of the concept of harmony with humans, animals and nature.

Relationships are based on physical and emotional interactions. How an individual interacts with another is optional to them. Turkle depicts how the Internet attracts individuals in they time of need. According to the text, “People are lonely. The network is seductive. But if we are always on, we may deny ourselves the rewards of solitude” (Turkle 265). As individuals are bored with their own lives, she or she finds other means of entertainment. The Internet has caused one to find entertainment in time-consuming matter. How one communicates with another individual alters also, causing addictions to Internet it what it provides. Individuals that are keyed to their smartphones are not noticing the world around him or her. Not communicating with your surroundings makes one seem awkward but it is normal. Moreover, when one is connected world he or she notices the little things. While being in Gombe, Goodall describes a thrilling sensation while being connected to nature. According to Goodall, “The air was filled with a feathered symphony, the evensong of birds. I heard new frequencies in their music and in the singing insects’-notes so high and sweet I was amazed. Never had I been so intensely aware of the shape, the color of the individual leaves, the varied patterns, of the veins that made each one unique”(Goodall 147-148). An individual who is connected to technology will not detect the peacefulness of nature that surrounds them. He or she will hear the annoying insects and birds and will be in disgust with everything that surrounds them. Technology has rotten individuals’ minds to perceive being in tune with yourself and surroundings is immoral. One being able to connect to his or herself is communication.

Internet altered human society. How one communicates with one another in today’s society is rapidly changing. Turkle describes how teenagers are the new face of the term communication. Teenagers “are drawn to connection without the demands of intimacy ” (Turkle 272). Society has caused one to be socially awkward in reality but in the virtual world one can be comfortable. Reality is starting to be one’s discomfort whereas; the virtual is one comfort zone. Humans are connecting with one another by smartphones and the Internet but when it comes to face to face humans are not able to communicate very well due to the fact that the fear of being constantly judged by society. However, the Internet hides the judgment of others. Moreover, society criticized individuals for what they wear, talk and present themselves. One finds a place of harmony to escape labels which society creates. Goodall describes her reasoning. According to Goodall, “I felt very in tune with chimpanzees, for I was spending time with them not to observe, but simply because I needed their company, undemanding and free of pity” (Goodall 146). Gombe is her escape from society. The labels of being a scientist and a widower overwhelmed her, which consumed her emotionally, mentally and physically. The chimpanzees were not able to judge her for who is because they were not humans. The Internet creates a wall of expression for the individual, which one cannot perform in society because other individuals constantly...
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