Real-time Computing and Volvo

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Volvo Car Corporation is a company that prides itself on providing the most modern, efficient, and safe vehicle for today’s consumer. Over the recent years they have incorporated cloud infrastructure into its network. Implementing and evaluating real-time information systems is used to transform data into knowledge, making them the competitive advantage over other car companies. Volvo has integrated two difference cloud infrastructures within their networks. The first cloud they use is service cloud, which is a platform that supports customer service before and while customers are using their vehicles. Production and design also benefits from the service cloud because the information being transmitted is used to enhance a cars design and performance level. The second cloud Volvo uses is vendor hosting, they had to incorporate hosting since they had separate data warehousing for certain departments. They decided to integrate the warehouses and add two more departments for the best possible data feedback (Toby, 2010) through Teradata, who consolidates warehouses into one place. Vendor hosting has also allowed Volvo to save money by not having to maintain, operate, or get licenses for doing their own warehousing. Incorporating these cloud infrastructures allows Volvo to receive accurate, fast, and reliable data for improvements or to check on previous improvements to ensure it is working properly.

Volvo uses real-time information systems by implanting hundreds of sensors and CPUs throughout the vehicle, from the brakes to the central locking system (2011, January). This information is looked at when the car comes in for service by uploading the information to a THE BIG DATA CHALLENGES

computer that goes to the data warehouse for analyzing. Doing this allows Volvo to make changes to the vehicles performance by upgrading the anti-lock brakes when a customer comes in for service. They can also make the appropriate changes during the production of the same vehicles...
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