Real Madrid Case

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Real Madrid Club De Futbol

With millions of fans worldwide and over one hundred years of continued support and recognition, Real Madrid Club De Futbol had been created as the strongest brand in soccer. Their constant focus was to establish their brand globally and maintain supremacy of this brand with continuing to maximize profits and enhance their corporation. Their market strategy was based on the power and profitability of a successful brand. They were aware that without their brand fully established and adored, they could be easily replaced. They also knew that if their brand were too “in your face” with excessive commercialization, fans would easily withdraw and support elsewhere. Real Madrid needed to find a happy medium in which their fans were content and did not believe they were being overexposed or exploited, but also where the organization could maintain a loyal fan base and profitability.

In order to strengthen their name, they valued three interrelated goals that would help the organization achieve success: “achieve financial flexibility and expand brand reach, assemble a team of top players, and leverage the brand and content across a variety of channels”. Real Madrid’s unique business model would allow them the access to use, expand and enhance their organization in order to maximize their content to target markets. Brand reach and brand awareness are very important for Real Madrid to become successful. Television and the Internet are usually the most popular forms an organization can get recognition. Also, advertising, sales through player’s merchandise, and effective content delivery campaigns would be key for their brand reach. Connecting the experience of the brand across continents and overseas could be an effective tool for the global marketing strategy they need to employ.

Soccer is a sport enjoyed by individuals across the world of all ages, so customers are segmented by age, wherein products are targeted to each segment. (If...
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