Real Life

Topics: Holidays, Humour, Comedy Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Real Life
The movie that I chose to do my essay on is called RV. It is about a family that goes on a vacation and everything that can go wrong does go wrong, but in the end they learn what it is to truly be a family. RV is a funny, feel-good movie that easily relates to my family vacations, can cheer me up when I am down, and has a good message of the importance of family.

My family has gone on quite a few vacations over the years. Many of which remind me of RV because of the constant chaos that happens throughout it. The whole movie has many mishaps that remind me of many different adventures that my own family has gone through. There is no one scene in particular in this movie but instead the whole movie that brings a very vivid memory of my own to light. My mom had planned a vacation for my family to go camping out on a lake. That however, did not work out as planned. Many different things happened and we were not able to get to the camp ground out on the lake. Instead we went to a camp ground which also turned out to be a very bad idea. That night we woke up to a torrential down pour. Did I mention we were in tents? So we packed all eight of us up as fast as we could and got into our eleven passenger van. We finally got on the road to come home. Half way through our drive the air conditioning decided to break right as we ran over a skunk. Just as the smell of the skunk started seeping into the car the rain stopped immediately. The car was hot and smelly and the now shinning hot sun was beating down on us making the smell even worse. We eventually had to stop at a car wash and try to wash off the skunk because we could no longer take the awful stench. This is just one of the many vacations that my family has gone through which remind me of the vacation that the Munro family goes through in RV.

Along with relating to my family vacations, RV is one of my favorite movies because no matter what mood I’m in it can cheer me up and make me laugh. As a person...
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