Real Jedi Religion

Topics: Jedi, Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Core question: So is “Jedi” a real religion from an anthropological perspective?  Before you answer this question in discussion, read Jedi Knights demand Britian’s fourth largest ‘religion’ receives recognition and Force strong for new Jedi church , and watch the video clip The Real Jedi Religion (Time 1:50. Transcript) Explore the Websites of the Jedi Temple and Church of the Jedi to find specific examples to illustrate your arguments. * According to anthropology, what does Jedi-ism need to have to be a religion? (characteristics of a religion)
 * What purposes does Jedi-ism itself serve within culture? (functions that a religion fulfills)
 * What do Jedi do or not do that make them members of a religion? (rituals and practices)
 * What convinced you one way or the other? Why? (aspects you personally think are relevant) Be creative, have fun, and enjoy thinking like an anthropologist! Besides posting your own response, you MUST read and comment on AT LEAST TWO of your fellow classmates' posts using the 2 + 2 Feedback Method. I was surprised when doing my research to find that Jedi-ism contains some of the characteristics anthropology requires to be considered a religion. Characteristics of a religion are belief in a supernatural being, organized structure of ideas and ceremonial practices, of which Jedi-ism contains some. Jedi-ism serves the purpose of giving those who feel the force demonstrated in Star Wars is real, a outlet to express their beliefs and a group to organize the ideas of the force with. I think it serves the purpose of inspiring Jedis and giving them peace about a power greater then them in control. Jedi have a common belief in a force derived from the star wars series. A characteristic of a religion is belief in a supernatural being. I don’t think the force should be considered a supernatural being, partly since it is fictionally inspired but also since the force is not a being but more an unseen power. Jedi-ism does...
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