Reagan Revolution

Topics: Ronald Reagan, Cold War, President of the United States Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Lecture Outline May 20, 2013

The Reagan Revolution & Cold War in the 1980s
I. Reagan Revolution and the Rise of the New Right
The new grassroots conservative movement. it focused on a few themes: 1) focus on physical restraint: reigning in spending of the economy, the great society programs 2) Tax code revision
3) government efficiency: sense of urgency for this, because of how transparent the government, and what it owed to the u.s. public.

a. Reagan’s views and policies:: 1980’s high inflation and faltering economy, and regean promised to return the nation to economic promise. . Campaign had focused on a strong military and a scaled back federal government. (he specifically wanted the federal government scaled back, but it was okay to undergo spending for national security (military). tensions between the national security state and the spending for the national government He wanted a return to traditional values that had been lost. he was enormously charismatic. He was good at delivering lines and delivering his speeches,. “government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem government needed to be scaled back..federal government needed to lessen itself in our daily lives. and in the business community too. he wanted a reversal of the programs in the great society. roll back big government. Roll back in domestic policy, expanding it in foreign policy with the military. 1989 when he concluded his presidency, economy debt had tripled. b. “Reaganomics” / Supply-side economics: seeking to increase the economies capacity to produce. the theory behind it was exxessive taxation was slowing things down in the economy, and it discouraged hard work? have economic growth by cutting taxes…so people could invest that money in another way. Trickle down economics: leave the money to the wealthy and it will trickle down into society. c. Economic Recovery Tax of 1981: lowered the taxes on the wealth to free up...
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