Reagan Interview

Topics: Cold War, Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Reagan’s Interview:

When I was preparing for the interview of a person in order to write this paper it was not an easy choice. I knew that I would ask either my parents or possibly grandparents, but the largest choice was who I really wanted to talk with. There was the person that would give me the short sweet and to the point answers or the person that would take me around the world and try and explain their answer before actually giving it to me. I eventually choose to talk to my parents as I felt that they would have the most knowledge about the subject matter. They both were ok with Reagan and things that he contributed to the United States while in office. My father informed me that a gentleman by the name of Paul Weyrich actually started the New Right, and was the one that was responsible for the success of the concervative policies since the 1970s. it was the second New Right that focused more on social issues and sovereinty. In this second New Right there were policies put in place that helped to dismantle the welfare system and even the restructuring of the national workforce that would help increase the economic flexability and the global market. We then sat and talked about the Cold War and what his thoughts were when the war ended. He spoke very highly of Gobachev and how he was cold and harsh on the outside but truly had a heart and wanted the same peace that others did between the nations. It was believed that if Andropov and Cherneko had of lived any longer they would have been right in the middle of the Cold War era, but I guess that was simply not in the plans that were meant to be. It seems to my father that it was time for the walls to come down and for people to be united and for the lifestyles of communism to come to and end. He added that of course people were afraid of what was on the otherside and what those people would think about them, but are we not all somewhat afraid of the unknown. There were several programs that were put in...
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