Reading Short Stories to Improve Your English

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Reading Short Stories to Improve Your English!

Have you ever attended a book fair? What have you learnt by going to the book fair? I recently attended some events at the Hong Kong Book Fair, I noticed that reading is a key to success. So, I am going to discuss the importance of reading with schoolmates and share my experience after attending the Book Fair.

The Hong Kong Book Fair is a book fair organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 18th to 24th on July, selling and exhibiting books, printed matter, stationery, printing, compact discs and other multimedia publishing. My favourite event at the Hong Kong Book Fair is the talks given by three different authors on what makes a good short story. Also, there are book exhibition and sale organized by different publishers, and the most meaningful event is storytelling competition, many contestants shared their short stories, which was so exciting and attractive.

How can we make a good ‘short story’? We should understand the features of a short story. First, the author shared with us the different genres or themes, for example, horror story, science fiction, fairy story and so forth. There are different target readers and they are not interested in all genres. A good short story should comprise of different elements, such as exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. At for short story, the number of characters must not be more than three characters. The narrator of a short story is the voice through which the author tells the story. The author’s choice of narrator determines the point of view of the story. The two types of point of view often used in short stories are the first person point of view and the third person point of view. For writing dialogue, we use dialogue tags to make it clear which character is speaking. Dialogue tags can be put before or after a character’s speech, put between two parts of a...
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