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Topics: Anton Chekhov, Short story, Joyce Carol Oates Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: June 27, 2012
After reading about settings and about the point of views my eyes were open to new things that I never would have thought about before. There are many things that you would ever stop to think about and take the time to understand if you never knew anything about the setting and the point of view. The setting, point of view, and how a book it written is what makes a reader interested. That is why people tend to like book that have a setting that they can relate to and a point of view that they really lets them see how things would really happen.

That is why I choose to write my response paper over Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Lady with the Pet Dog.” The story has dual settings Anton Chekhov starts the story out in Yalta and moves the second half of the story to a very different setting in Moscow were its winter routine. These setting help set the mood and show changes as Anton Chekhov had planned it would. For example when they are in Yalta you see seaside vacation town, trips to the mountains, and love affair. When people think of a seaside vacation they start to think of the smell of the sea, the beautiful sunset and some unforgettable time. I believe that is why Yalta was chosen for one of the settings. The other setting in Moscow makes the reader feel how lonely and depressing of a time it was back at home. How hard it was for him not to tell of his time in Yalta but oh how he wanted to, “he was tormented by a strong desire to share his memories with some, but in his home it was impossible to talk of his love.” ( Gurov 229) The Point of view in this story is told from both a girl and a boy point of view. That is one of the main reason I liked this story better then Joyce Carol Oates short story also called “The Lady with the Pet Dog.” I feel that it is better to see it told from both points of view rather than just getting to see one side of the story. I really enjoyed reading this story it kept me really entertained.
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