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Chapter 23—“Dennis”

1) Ruth says, “I stayed on the black side because that was the only place I COULD stay…With whites it was no question. You weren’t accepted to be with a black man and that was that” (232).

I think she felt the only place where she felt real love was with African American people and that’s why she stayed with the black man. She wanted to be different and she didn’t want to be like everybody else. She wanted to feel unique like her mother and be different. She doesn’t want to go to the “White” side because she feels that white’s are unfair and not human.

2) Re-read the following passage in order to analyze and evaluate how it is possible that “those nine years were the happiest years” of Ruth’s life.

Ruth is happy in a small quite place with people who matter to her. She doesn’t need materialistic things or a big house, nothing like that. She is happy with having a place that she could get away and run from her problems and also is happy with family because she never had it as a child. She never had a “normal” functioning family.

Chapter 24—“New Brown”

3) Explain how McBride’s description of his mother’s speech at the anniversary of New Brown Memorial parallel his earlier descriptions of her movement through life:

Everybody knows Ruth as being very self centered and a strong independent woman. She is never known to be weak even in the strongest of times because of the front she puts off that everything is fine. Nobody would expect something like this from her. She was nervous, fast paced, and had a lot of anxiety. James never saw his mom like that which is why she thought she was having a heart-attack, but in the end she wasn’t and she threw the paper away to tell the truth from her heart. She gave up trying to be normal and was unique by reading from the heart. Something a lot of people can’t do in front of a crowd when giving a speech.
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