Reading Response-Antigone

Topics: Female, Oedipus, God Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Reading response-Antigone

In the story of Antigone, we see the struggles between right and wrong or individual and government, and the conflicts between the males and females. In the other words, Antigone , a woman, are supposed to have no her own opinions to the her world. She should follow the laws which are made by men. Nevertheless, she believes the god’s laws should be more important than the others.

What makes this story so special? Antigone, a Femal, challenges to the male’s authority. We can see this from the arguments between these two sister-Antigone and Ismene. When Antigone asks her sister to joint her to bury their brother, Ismene states that ”We must remember we are women born, unapt to cope with man; we have to hear. By mightier than ourselves.”(p.3) She believes that women should keep silence and obey men’s orders. Different from her sister, Antigone responses that “Be what seems right to you; him will I bury. Death, so met, were honor.” Although she is a woman. She believes that she should do something “right”-she has to follow god’s laws and give their brother a peaceful death. On the other hand, being a new king, Creon wants to be respected and fear like a powerful figure. His authority should not assume to be disputed, especially by a woman. He emphasizes this though to Hemon by states “Never flying away your wits, my son, Through liking for a woman;”(p.25) A man can never lose his judgments because of a woman. Therefore, Antigone should die because she does not give him respect either he is a man or a king.

Even Creon wants to kill Antigone. She is not afraid ”Because it was not Zeus who ordered it, Nor Justice, dweller with the Nether Gods, Gave such a law to man; nor did I deem/ The unchangeable unwritten code of haven; This is not of today and yesterday, But lives for ever,”(P17~18) Moreover, she tells Creon that “It is no shame, to pay respect to our own flesh and blood.” To Antigone, the “honor” is the most...
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