Reading Response

Topics: Writing, Essay, Audience Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Teddy (Taotao Zhang)
Professor Margaret Poncin
WRD 103x-401
9th Sep. 2012
Reading Response (P91; P92)
In the first article “writing for an Audience”, Linda Flower told us about the meaning and goal of writing. Also, flower analyzes the audience’s thought that give some examples to told us how to write a good article. She divided the important point that how to write a good essay into 3 parts. First is knowledge that shows the knowledge and good ideas to audience in your essay. Second are attitudes that make clear your opinion in right way. The last is “Needs” that writers should know audience’s needs, and then they can write the essay which audiences want. In my opinion, I am agreeing with flower. A good write should know these three main points, and I want to add more about how to write a good essay. First, we should good at language, it is important for us to let audience understand our essay. Second, we should pay more attention on the interesting of the essay that we can attract audience. For example, have a good and interesting title, and add some beautiful pictures. In the article named “Writing to Change the World”, Mary Pipher told us how the writing changed the world with some anecdotes and many good examples. In his opinion writing is quite important in the world and writing can change many things. The book “The Diary of Anne Frank” changed writer’s mind and he analyze this book and share some experience with us. I am agreed with him that good essay can change our mind and make our better. The good essay can give us some good points and let us know the way of our life. On the other way, I believe it is not very important to use many good rhetorical flourishes in a good essay; we should talk about the fact with some interesting examples. For example, most audience does not like the boring prose because it is hard to understand.
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