Reading Report: Animal Farm by George Orwell

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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animal farm-george orwell
READING REPORT name: Tesse de Boer
form: 4th date: October 24, 2011

|Title: | Animal Farm | |Author: |George Orwell | |Publisher |Secker and Warburg | |Year of publication |1945 | |Number of pages |111 |

1. Type of literary work:


2. Genre of the novel*:

Fantasy novel
Historical novel
Political Fable

*more than one genre can be ticked.

3. Setting of the story
What is (are) the place(s) of action:
Maror/Animal farm

Indications (where in the novel can you find evidence of the setting(s)): The title of the book. All the important events happen at de farm like the Rebellion, the battle of the cowshed etc.

4. Time
a. what is the time (period) of action:
The beginning of the 20th century, from 1917 till the 1920's/1930's .

Indications(where in the story can you find evidence of the time of action): The story begins with the Rebellion, which is the Russian Revolution (1917) and ends when Napolean (Stalin) gets the absolute power, which was around 1925. However, there isn't a direct indication in the story.

b. what is the timespan of the story (= how much time elapses between the beginning and the end of the story): approximately 8 or 9 years. Indications (where in the story can you find evidence of the timespan) At the start of the tale Clover is a middle aged mare (page 6) , in the end she is two years past the retirement age (page 94) , which is 12, so she is 14 years old. Assuming a 'middle aged' horse is 5 or 6 years old, the time span must be 8 to 9 years.

c. how is the story told:
chronologically with flashbacks
chronologically with anticipations
not chronologically

5. Point of view:
1st person narrative
3rd person narrative
omniscient narrative (= alwetend verteller)

6. Characters
a. who is/are the main character(s) and give a brief description: 1. Napoleon : He is a ruthless, sneaky but very clever boar. Together with Snowball he leads the Rebellion. He takes over control and exiles Snowball. He is a dictator and stands for Stalin. 2. Snowball : Also a boar. He is tactical, a good talker, the architect of the windmill and cares for the education and the lives of the other animals. Gets expelled by Napoleon. He stands for Trotski. 3. Old Major : He is the father of the Rebellion. He was a old and wise boar, who had his own opinion on the way humans treated the animals. His ideas are later inverted into the seven commandments and Animalism. Stands for Karl Marx or Lenin. b. who are the minor characters:

1. Squeeler: He is the propaganda machine. A brilliant talker. The animals say he can turn black into white. He is loyal to Napoleon. Boxer : A hard working horse, who isn't clever. His 2 mantras are: 'I'll work harder' and 'Napoleon is always right'. He gets betrayed in the end by Napoleon, who sends him to the butcher after he gets injured. Clover: a motherly stout mare, who takes care of the others. She's a hard worker and even quite smart. She is one of the few animals who question Napoleon's decisions.

Explanation of the title:
Animal farm is what the Manor farm gets called after the revolution. It is where the...
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