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Music That Rocks The Imagination.

Summary (150 to 300 words)
This article is about how music can change completely your point of view of society, and not only with the sound, with the lyrics too. The article talks about a specific band called Quetzal, they have a different type of music, because they have Mexican influences mixing the traditional, salsa, blues and also pop music. In the article the founder Quetzal Flores, talks about how their songs are relate to each other. He says that every single song has a different meaning, but all those songs have a special energy, because those songs talk about a community or even family, everything is about how people care about every single person in the world and if they are not, Quetzal through their songs are trying to help people to live in harmony and of course in peace. In the article he also talks about The Pachucos, who are a band from the 30’s, he tried to say that their song called “Dreamers, Shemers” was related to The Pachucos, because They had their own culture, their own dress, their own music,etc. In conclusion, all the article is about Quetzal experience about the music and how he is trying to help with society. He also is giving people a message of imagination and dreaming, not only for themselves, also dreaming for the purpose of connecting each other.|

Personal Opinion (Min. 50 words for 150-word summaries | Min. 100 words for 300-word summaries) I believe that everyone has a different way of interpreting the music. Not everyone has the same point of view about certain things. I believe that music can help change the feelings of others because it can get to the heart faster than words, with the simple melody or even with the perfect lyrics of the song.  Finally I think Quetzal made ​​clear the importance of a united...
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