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Topics: Gender, Gender role, Transgender Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: November 12, 2011
Over the past few years, as the concept of life-long education has received much recognition, the value of reading has also revealed. The scholars have done several researches on the public’s reading behaviors and preferences. They have found out that gender roles and what people major in school are the most influential factors of human’s reading penchants in literature; moreover, selections in reading materials alter with the passing of time. Gender

Gender role identities play a pivotal part in people’s reading behaviors. However, the differences between boys and girls in gender role identities could be swayed by latency period. It a stage that a child starts to repress his sexual urges and tends to make friends of the same sex to develop his future characters. Social stereotypes of gender roles are also one of the factors, transforming into a child’s quality during his process of self-fulfilling. And the alteration in social stereotypes of gender roles was reflected on the gender of protagonists in the story as well as adolescents’ reading preferences. Schuktheis(1990) distributed questionnaires to 240 adolescents to unveil the relationship between reading fondness and teenagers’ attitudes toward gender roles. It turns out that girls (averagely, 21 hours per month in a school year) spend more time on reading than boys do (15 hours per month in a school year on average), and all of them are eager to have more time to read. Staggeringly, both genders prefer male protagonist, while the stories with female protagonists are refused by most of the boys. It would have something to do with the stereotypes that females are inferior to males. Nonetheless, Chen(2007) indicated that in most of the western findings, females read more than males do.( Witty, 1961 ; McCreath, 1975; Blackwood et al, 1991; Gallik, 1999). Dissimilarly, Chen’s survey(2007) shows the amount of time spent on extracurricular reading between males and females is in a...
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