Reading on the Web

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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Reading on the Web

Since the aging of computers humans have changed their definition of reading. Reading used to be getting out a book, sitting down, and reading the book from cover to cover. Now a day’s most people consider sitting in front of their computer as reading. Whether it be on social networking sites or EBooks. Susan Jacoby is one person who would argue that reading on the web is not really reading. She has written two different articles about this issue and expressed her feelings about the issue very openly in both articles. One of the articles is The dumbing of America written on February 17, 2008 and appeared in the Washington post. A few months later Susan Jacoby wrote Reading on the Web is not Really Reading written on August 27th, 2008 and appeared in The Spectator.

In the article first article by Susan Jacoby (The dumbing of America) Susan talks about reading for pleasure and what people would consider that to be. In this article she refers to a report in 2007 by the National Endowment for the Arts and states that “In 1982, 82 percent of college graduates read novels or poems for pleasure; two decades later, only 67 percent did. And more than 40 percent of Americans under 44 did not read a single book -- fiction or nonfiction -- over the course of a year. The proportion of 17-year-olds who read nothing (unless required to do so for school) more than doubled between 1984 and 2004”. (Susan Jacoby, The Dumbing…) She believes all of these statistics have declined due high rise in computers and web surfing. She also compares reading a tree house and reading on the web and says that concentrating on and reading a book increases “the inability to concentrate for long periods of time -- as distinct from brief reading hits for information on the Web -- seems to me intimately related to the inability of the public to remember even recent news events”.(Susan Jacoby, The Dumbing…) What Susan Jacoby was concluding in this article is that reading on the...
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