Reading Log: the Arrival, Shaun Tan

Topics: Mind, Thought, Refugee Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: August 20, 2010
a)What ideas about journeys does this text convey to the responder? The composer Shaun Tan, convey the idea about journey in “The Arrival, Hachette livre” is that there is a great sadness for individuals who came together to migrate to another country because of survival in war periods. The men and women sit in quiet contemplation, with their heads down. They seem to be lost in their own thoughts which indicate inner journey show emotionally voyage. This makes them appear to not belong together, despite being on the same ship. The blankets are wrapped tightly around them against the cold, suggesting the harsh conditions they must endured and also their need to protect themselves as individual, this points out physical journey. The type of journey Shaun tan is communicating to the responder is the sight of refugee or immigrants escaping to a more secured destination. This thoughtful visual text about journey by Shaun Tan gives the responder a good understanding about the gloominess and depressing state of moving away from home.

b)How has the composer conveyed their ideas about journey to the responder? The composer, Shaun Tan uses a variety of techniques to convey the emotion about journey like facial expressions, shadings, satire, color, body language and foreground. The use of facial expression thought the immigrant’s faces provide a gloomy mood. The shading plus black and white colors reinforces the sadness and dark impression of this arrival to the responder. The satire technique was employed to emphasis the ship’s immense size and the captain on top or the upper part of the ship, making the immigrants vulnerable to any damage or attack. The body language in this text is emphasis by being together and embracing for warms. The foreground is the uppermost significance technique utilize in this picture of journey for the reason that the immigrants are on the ship without shelters, this is very ironic that even though that this immeasurable vessel dangling...
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