Reading Log 5 the Pearl

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  • Published : January 10, 2012
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Reading Log No.5
The setting of Chapter 5 was probably early dawn. The place was inside Kino's brush house. Protagonist:
The protagonist in this chapter is:
- Kino who is a fishermen, and he found the beautiful pearl. Antagonist:
Kino's great pearl.
Other Characters:
The other characters in this chapter are:
1. - Juana is a Kino's wife.
2. -Coyotito who is sting of enemy.
3. - Juan Tomas is a Kino's brother.
4. - Apolina is a Juan Tomas's wife.
Juana tries to steal the Pearl and throw it back in the water, but Kino wakes up and ends up punching her in the face and kicking her while she's down. he leaves without speaking to her. Kino is then assaulted on the beach. The pearl is knocked out of his hand, and through the struggle Kino stabs and kills one of the men. Juana finds the pearl, and again considers getting rid of it for good. Then she finds Kino, along with the man he just killed. as Kino moans about losing his pearl, Juana shows it to him and says they must flee because he committed a huge crime. Kino agrees. Juana runs back to the house to get Coyotito, and discovers that he house has been burned down and their family thinks they're dead. Kino also finds that there is a hole in his beloved canoe, and he is filled with rage. After telling Juan Tomas about his crime, Juan Thomas tells Kino that he must sell the pearl immediately. The rest of the family discusses the family's death, and Juan Thomas states that perhaps they had to flee. Kino still has the pearl, adn intends to hold on to it. That night, the couple leaves. Conflicts:

Kino vs. Pearl (man vs. nature)
Kino vs. Juana (man vs. man)
Kino vs. Himself
The tone is sorrowful, disagreement and frustration.
Love can give someone great courage and strength.
Literary Techniques:
toward : turned to
wrenched : to overstrain or injure
receded : to go or move away
butcher: a retail or wholesale dealer in meat.
knife: a knifelike...
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