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Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: February 22, 2013
1. Briefly summarize the article (2-3 sentences). What is it about? What happens? It’s a film review about the famous movie Forrest Gump.It mainly talks bout some impressive parts of the movie . 2. Respond to the article (3-4 sentences). Ideas: How did I like it? Why? What experiences/memories did it remind me of? What comments do I have? I like it very much .The reasons are as follows :First of all .it reveals the great parts about the movie and it has some really deep research.for which I think the writer really read a lot in the film.Socondly,the language o f this review is quite understanding but also not monotonous The last reason is that the comments of the writer quiter appeal to my opinions about it. Forrest Gump mould incarnation of virtue is honest keeping one's word , conscientiously , brave paying attention to emotioning among film. In the film, Forrest Gump is a very pure image, but Jenny has become the degenerate symbol . And write the great discrepancy originally in this. To all that narrated, since beginning all behave with a kind of tender feeling and well-meaning attitude after all for the film, having even joined poesy composition, this makes the film seem soft and have no injury. The film advocates to traditional moral concept and embodiment. Make film apt to accept by people, director superb lay out skill and film application of language make the film very attractive too. Success with commercial for film content of the film has given security, and the treatment on director's art makes the film more excellent, this is reason that the film succeeds. It was the box-office hits the most in that year to become U.S.A. in < Forrest Gump>.

3. What are the questions I still have and areas I think I need to improve? How? First,there are still some words I don’t know,to solve this problem I think there is only one way,that is read more and recite more in the future .secondly,there are some sentences which are verylng and when...
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