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Contribution of social and family factors in anorexia nervosa|

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January 25, 2013
Contribution of social and family factors in anorexia nervosa |

This article is about the contribution of Social and Family factors as the leading cause of Anorexia Nervosa. The purpose of this article is to study about the complex issues concerning the treatment, the early intervention, and prevention of Anorexia Nervosa. Study shows that this problem commonly exist in young children in their preadolescent stage from ages 12-20 years of age, the social conventions and the emphasis to external appearance are factors that are associated with eating disorder in addition with advertisement and the contribution of mass media projecting anorexic models as the only way to success, the non-acceptance of other values like educational, cultural, social which enlarge the problem. The modern society weakens the family bonds and reduces the time spent between parents and children. Scientists claimed that the prognosis of this disorder is difficult to define as it influenced by the personality of the person. Person that are hysteric, with intense obsessions, and bad background of maternal relationship are very likely to develop the disorder in the future. There were two aims in treating anorexia nervosa, first is to rehabilitate the state of nutrition which means to regain the body weight to normal levels and second is to alter the pathological behavior of eating so that the body weight is preserved to normal limits and control the use of laxatives. The treatment approaches a combination of behavior therapy and supportive...
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