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Topics: Medicine, Ancient Egypt, Veterinary medicine Pages: 15 (4751 words) Published: April 20, 2013
reading jornal on vet?med9th Grade Reading Journal: Quarter 1

History of Vet/Med

Article 1:

1. “There are Chinese writing dating back to about 2,500 BC describing diseases of horses, oxen and buffalo. Indian art from 4,000 years ago show men looking after horses and elephants and Ancient Egyptian art showing them caring for their cattle and dogs.”

Thoughts: It is amazing to me that humans, even thousands of years ago have always had a natural instinct to save and/or help injured animals. The Chinese have even practiced documenting and discovering the diseases of their animals, this just shows that the practice of Veterinary Medicine has been around for a very long time.

2. “The Ancient Romans even had a word for those who looked after sick animals, veterinarius. The first veterinary book was written in about AD 500 by a Roman on the work of a veterinarius. The second veterinary book was written in 1598 by and Italian called Carlo Ruini, his book was called ‘Anatomy of the Horse’.”

Thoughts: All over the world people have been fascinated by animals, their diseases, the way they work and their anatomy. I, myself am also fascinated by these same things, although the information has improved since 1598 when only the second veterinary book was written.

3. It is only in the last 30 years that it has become common for women to become vets. This is the same for all the medical professions, when my mother graduation from Newcastle University as a dentist in 1964, she was only one of six women on the course. Vets that treated pets exclusively were rare 50 years ago, most looked after livestock. In fact before the Second World War, most people wouldn’t spend much money on the medical care of their pets. Nowadays, most of the vets graduating from veterinary schools are women and most earn their living treating pet dogs, cats and horses. Many people insure their pets so that they can afford treatment for them that could cost many thousands of pounds.

Thoughts: Once people wouldn't consider treatment for their pet, and now we insure them just incase they become sick. It really shows how people's minds can change in a short period of time. Just like how in only thirty years women have overtaken the profession of veterinary medicine, which at one time was rare to have women in.

Summary: This article explains the change from ancient civilizations to 21st century of Veterinary Medicine. From 2,500 BC when they only described diseases about cattle and oxen to 2012 when we have full universities and colleges to learn about the anatomy, genetic makeup, treatment options and much more of all different animals. At the beginning of this article the author starts out with ancient civilizations and the very first breakthroughs in Veterinary Medicine history to changes happening only decades ago to the modern day veterinarian.


Authors: Scienceray

Title: A Brief History of Veterinary Medicine

Publication date: October 4, 2009

Article 2:

1. “The mental image of a veterinarian as being a bright and earnest young woman caring for pets is a very recent phenomenon: Most veterinarians graduating from veterinary schools over the last 10 plus years have been women, and most new veterinarians now earn their living taking care of pet dogs, cats, and horses. But women veterinarians were rare as recently as 30 years ago.”

Thoughts: It indeed is very common to have a women as a veterinarian and is usually expected. Women have swarmed the profession, whereas years ago it was unheard of to have women work in this field. I think this aspect of veterinary medicine is beneficial to me personally because if it is more common for women to work in this job than I would fit in with the common statistics.

2. “For that matter, prior to World War II, very few people would consider paying more than a token amount for the medical care of their...
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