Reading Comprehension Worksheet

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each:

Describe your outcome from this week’s MyFoundationsLab® assignment.

Well I believe I did very good. I recieved a 90 for my grade. I really do not enjoy doing movie based homework. I would rather be working on a worksheet or reading materials. I find movie activities to be to slow paced for me.

Identify the skills you’ve learned this week. How could each of these apply to your academic work? How could each of these apply to your professional work?

I have leaned a lot this week. These exercises that I have incorporated into my daily study habits will not only help learn to save enough time to help me study but also helps make sure I have everything I need so I will not have to stop in the middle of my studies/reading.

Describe the reading and comprehension strategies you will employ. How will these help make you a more effective reader?

The reading comprehension strategies I will employ are to make sure I maintain and normal amount of sleep. I tend to stay up very late watching movies or playing video games. If I learn to sleep better I will have a more clear mind throughout the day and can concentrate more on my readings.

What is “primary source material”? Explain why knowing how to identify and use primary source materials is important for academic reading and writing.

Primary source materials are views by people that have been there to witness the event, they have more of an inside view. Knowing how to indentify a primary source is important because it can give more of real life feelings on that situation, and understand or relate to that topic.
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