Reading Comprehension

Topics: Education, Learning, Understanding Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Dwi Anggreini Waskito Putri

The problems in reading activity

Reading is one of the four important language skills that should be mastered by students. Through reading, students will get much knowledge on educational, business, politics, science and technology and etc. Reading is a tool for getting many kinds of information. Besides, reading enables us to improve our knowledge and get enjoyment. As one of the important language skills, reading has been taught in all levels of education from elementary School until university level. Basically, the purpose of the reading is to comprehend what is read. It means that by reading a reader will get some information or knowledge. The students who like reading will have more knowledge than the ones who do not. Reading will provide the students with a lot of information about the world that will give contribution to their success in study and in life later on. In Indonesia, reading English text is difficult because English is a foreign language. Some students often found some problems in reading. There are several problems that make reading difficult to learn by the students.

First, most of the students are lack of interest and ability in reading. Most of them find difficulties in understanding the text. It is caused by limited vocabulary and lack of ability in grammar rules. It is known that, vocabulary and grammar are important points in understanding the text. In fact, most of the students are too dependent on a dictionary to understand the meaning of texts. In addition, most of the students are lack of ability in grammar. Therefore, it is more difficult for them to understand the texts.

The second problem is the student do not have enough background knowledge to understand the text. This is because the text is given in foreign texts and most students never read this text before. Meanwhile, Droop & Verhoeven (1998), states that having more background knowledge is an...
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