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Topics: American International Group, Maurice R. Greenberg, Noun Pages: 2 (284 words) Published: April 21, 2013

What area of business do you think the company American International Group (AIG) is envolved in’ a) Tobacco
b) Insurance
c) Oil
d) Packaging

What dot he following people mentioned in the article:
Maurice Greenberg: Chairman
Corneluis Vander: founder
Edmund Tse: Runs Asian operations

What do the following numbers in the main fthe article refers to? 166. - capitalisation
1992- Graduate licence
1919- Year of foundation in shangai
80,000- # of employees
130.-# of countries

According to the article what are the main factors responsible for AIG´s success in Asia? R= because relationships in government

Read the article and answer these questions
1.-What objective does AIG have in china? Increase the share 2.-What does Mr Greenberg see as his role in the company? As a employee 3.- Why in Asia important to AIG? The respect and valuies

Find three verbs in the article which combine with the noun relationships to mean develop. Build

Find phrases (adjective and noun) in the article which mean the following 1.-Unused possibilities -odds
2.-continuing in the same place for a great length of time- permanency 3.-unlimited entry-??
4.-representative connected to a company-- image
5.-developing sales areas – develop training
6.-important talks- discussion
7.-most important countries – main advantage

Discuss these questions
1.-what can spoil relations between companies? -.- missunderstoods 2.-a foreign company is opening a branch in your country. What factors should it consider? .- share of market 3.- In your experience are certain nationalities better at building relationship than others? If so which ones? American and japannesse 4.-How can you build good business relationships?. Favours and respect
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