Reading Books Allows You to Be Taken Somewhere Else

Topics: High School Musical, Stephen Chbosky, Reality Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Reading. How does it even benefit you? Why should you bother to read a book? I want you to think about this. You are always looking at things from your point of view, analysing what’s around you and making your own judgements based on what you’ve seen. Books aren’t written from your perspective though, unless you write it yourself. Reading books allows you to be taken somewhere else, and view a world through someone else’s eyes, sharing their ideas, rather than producing your own. It allows you to experience something new, based on something that you may have never experienced or even imagined. Reading can give us insights into other times and places. Maybe even places that aren’t real. Only when you read a book, you are completely transported into the fantasy world of the story. A whole different time, a whole different place. The City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare, I’m sure is a book many of you have read, it’s a popular one. The main character, 15 year old Clary, is in a club, when she witnesses a murder committed by three other strange looking teens, but surprisingly no one else other her can see what’s happened right before their eyes. And even stranger, the ‘body began to jerk and twitch as he crumpled, folding in on himself, growing smaller and smaller until he vanished entirely.’ He dead person just disappeared. Makes it a little difficult to call the police, no other witnesses and no evidence. Soon enough though, Clary comes to the knowledge that it’s not only humans that walk the earth. There are vampires, werewolves and worst of all, many forms of demons, as she is also not completely human. Obviously, I hope, none of this is actually real. Personally, I’ve haven’t come across any paranormal beings, but the fantasy part of this story allows your imagination to wander, just for a second. The book pulls you into its fantasy world, these fiction novels, in which are obviously not really related very much to real life events, still allow insight to other...
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