Reading and Writing Strategies

Topics: Reading, Question, Orthography Pages: 8 (853 words) Published: May 12, 2012

Constructing Meaning through Reading and Writing
Kathy Harris
Grand Canyon University: EED-475 Curr. Mthd & Asmt: Literacy and Language Arts 4-8 February 10, 21011

Reading Strategies
|Strategy |Activity |Assessment | |Prior Knowledge: To make connection to what one already |Make a word web of information that has |Create a concept map showing key ideas. | |know. Lay a foundation which new facts, ideas and |been discussed. | | |concepts can be develop. | |Assess prior knowledge by asking | | |Share information. |questions. | | |Create a T-Chart with what students would | | | |like to know about the subject and what I | | | |now know. | | |Prediction: Predicting involves thinking ahead and |Ask question about each picture to elicit |Write prediction in reading logs. | |anticipating information and event that take place. |response that require them to make | | | |inferences. |Students complete a prediction sheet as a| | | |formative assessment. Students share what| | | |they learned. | |Summarizing: Process of identifying and writing the main |Writing in journal as to how they think |Write a short summary of the material. | |ideas that unite ideas into a coherent whole. |the story will end or what will take place| | | |at a certain point in the material. |Read a passage from the material and | | | |write a summary. | | |Give an oral summary of their version of | | | |what take place. | | | | | | |Generate Question: The practice of asking what, when, |Students look at the title and write |Create a short answer for discussion | |where, why, what will happen, how and who question. |question as to what, when and where. |question. | | | | | | |Ask question before reading, during |Asks questions that would likely | | |reading and after reading. |encourage a response that is focused, | | |“Engage class in pre discussion Students...
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