Reading and Writing Development

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Reading and Writing Development
AED 202
September 14, 2012

Reading and writing are important skills children need to succeed in school and in life. Reading is the ability to understand the meaning of language, and being able to communicate effectively with others through speaking, and writing. According to the Literacy and numeracy Secretariat, developing strong skills in literacy and numeracy is critical to a child’s success in early learning and beyond. Introducing reading and writing at an early age helps children develop a positive attitude towards reading and writing. Children are vulnerable, teachable, and impressible during early and middle childhood and it easier for them to learn reading and writing skills.

Although these two age groups are close in age, there are still some differences in their mental and physical developments. Steven Novella, a Yale neurologist, believes that the first four years are a crucial time for learning. Learning begins at birth and they continue to learn throughout their life. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that reading aloud to your child will help build their vocabulary, stimulate his or her imagination while improving their communication skills.

During early childhood and middle childhood, children begin developing these reading and writing skills:

EARLY CHILDHOOD (2-6 YEARS OLD)| MIDDLE CHILDHOOD (6-10 YEARS OLD)| Imitate sounds they hear| Self correct when they make a mistake when reading aloud| Name familiar pictures| Sound out unfamiliar words|

Answers questions and identifies objects in books| Read to extract specific information| Points to identify named objects| Read longer books independently| Learns the alphabet and sounds the letters make| Use context and pictures to help identify unfamiliar words| Match letters to sounds| Reads first and last name|

Recognize their name| Correctly spell simple words|
Develop independent reading| Correctly use...
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