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Topics: Decision making, Customer, Customer service Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Vincent Freeman
Buckman Lab Analysis
Diane Enklemann
The analysis of Buckman Laboratories kind of departmentalization used to operate the business made me come to the conclusion that it is a Customer Departmentalization. It was a hard choice because the departmentalization type was very close to the functional departmentalization, for it because the company acts as a means to produce chemical products as well as a knowledge engine with K’netix. A functional departmentalization would fit the category because Buckman just seemed as well diversified in its departments as means to produce revenue. Customer Departmentalization was the final conclusion due to the fact the company’s customer values gave me specifics to how it serves its customers. The customer value page on the company website focuses on its framework of how it is solely dedicated to the needs of its customers.

One thing I particularly like about this company is its decentralized authority. Buckman is a company that thrives on the basis of innovation. The authority of this company is very well balanced so that people fell more at ease with making up their goals and with less pressure on top of that. No matter what department in the company, decision making processes are encouraged to anyone in any department. The thriving of becoming a business solely dedicated to providing an authentic customer service made me under the impression that the organization of this company would be mechanistic. I came to this conclusion through again… the company’s customer’s values. These values were pretty clear and therefore none compromising which made me come to this conclusion. The part of the document listed on the assignment page that supports the method of job design was the part that stated how the CEO made it clear that if the employee didn’t come forward with new ideas, they would not prosper in the company’s wealth and incentive. The method would definitely be internal motivation for my...
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