Reading Activity - the Autobiography of Malcolm X

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  • Published : January 22, 2012
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Reading Activity 1.2: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

d.greatly, extremely

2.a.Malcolm X
b.His self-education while in prison.
c.Civil rights movement
d.Charlestown prison
e.Trying to emulate Bimbi
f.Getting a hold of a dictionary and studying/learning some words

3.Malcolm X taught himself by using a dictionary.

4.Malcolm X spent time in the Charlestown prison during the Civil Rights movement. While confined, a fellow prison mate named Bimbi displayed a certain presence that Malcolm tried to imitate. Bimbi showed dominance when talking to others that Malcolm often grudged. As a result, Malcolm obtained a dictionary so that he can learn a few words. By going through the many pages of the dictionary, Malcolm wrote down the words that he learned. When he finished going through the dictionary, Malcolm realized that he had taught himself to understand what he reads.

5.From personal experience, I came across a similar situation in the workforce. When I began my current job position as a contract assistant, I had no knowledge of the company’s specialties in environmental and civil engineering. I also did not have the experience of what or how to perform my job duties and responsibilities. As a result, I turned to a fellow co-worker for guidance. During some downtime during the workday, my co-worker taught me how to review contracts, what to look for in the financial reports, how to close out projects, and other job-related tasks. With this experience, I used it to motivate me to return to school, and assist me with my career advancement.

6.From a general sense, there will always be people who will or can motivate another person to try to better themselves. It could be from anybody that we interact with everyday: guidance through our peers, a rival, a teacher, etc. that can give that person the drive to take one-step ahead. Regardless of who gives that person...
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