Reader Response on the Republic Book 2

Topics: Plato, Punishment, Justice Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Part 1:
“.. if we grant to both the just and unjust license and power to do whatever they pleased, and then accompany them in imagination and see whither desire will conduct them. We should then catch the just man in the very act or resorting to the same conduct as the unjust man because of the self-advantage which every creature in its nature pursues... And yet this is great proof one might argue that no one is just of his own will but only from constraint... for there is far more injustice than in justice.”1

I really understand and agree with what Glaucon is saying in his speech. I think that what he is saying is that the only reason people are just and abide by the rules that society sets, is because we there are consequences for our actions. He is also talks about the story of Gyges the Lydian which is about a just man who gets a ring. The ring makes him invisible and then he begins to do bad things like steal because no one can see him committing the crimes and no one can punish him for it. By talking about this story he is saying that if their was no justice and no punishments then every just man would become unjust and do whatever they wanted. And that justice is not something that is desirable to people but something that is forced upon them. I agree with him because I do think that humans have a natural instinct to do things that are more advantageous for themselves. Being unjust is the more rational way to live ones life, a person would be more prone to steal food if there wasn’t a consequence for doing it, but by stealing that food you are benefiting your self.

Part 2:
“This, then said I, will be one of the laws and patterns concerning the gods to which speakers and poets will be required to conform, that God is not the cause of all things, but only of good.”2

This doesn’t really relate to justice but when I read it, it was the only thing I could really find that I didn’t agree with. If a God does exist I don’t think that he or she is only...
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