Reader Response Criticism to Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio, Love Pages: 3 (1303 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Connor Gallagher
Mr. Dalton
English Honors Freshmen
12 February 2013
The Romeo and Juliet Story
Romeo and Juliet is a play created by Shakespeare a very long time ago, but this play has been adopted into many other movies, plays, songs, and even phrases. In class we watched Romeo and Juliet, West side story, and Princess Bride. These are all renditions of the original and are unique in their own way, West Side Story is a musical, Princess Bride is a medieval story, and Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. These are all in different time periods but have basically the same plot, boy and girl love each other and there is a major challenge standing between their love but it all ends badly. All of these stories are about love, which is a strong human emotion so many people have experienced it very differently. Personally I have never been I love with anyone so the feelings in these movies are not as important to me. However if someone was deeply in love sometime in their life it would make more sense. For instance when in West Side Story Maria and Tony were taking a very long time saying goodbye, approximately five minutes which was a bit drug out; Mr. Dalton said, “When you’re in love you’ll understand how hard it is to say goodbye.” In Romeo and Juliet the same scene, which was the original balcony scene, occurred and they spent about the same time saying goodbye. Also in Princess Bride when Westly and Buttercup were saying goodbye it was the same feeling but I didn’t understand any of it as well.

In Romeo and Juliet there are always two opposing sides, which absolutely hate each other for various reasons. In Romeo and Juliet the two opposing families are the Capulets and the Montagues. There is also the Sharks and the Jets in West Side and Gilder and Florence in Princess Bride. They each have the same feel to each group. The groups are presented by red and blue. The red group is always more aggressive than the other and usually starts the fights. There are key...
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