Reader Response Coldest Winter Ever

Topics: Character, Novel, Fiction Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Reader Response by: Prayogo Algi Utomo 1014025025

Sister Souljah’s style is like no other that I have read, her style is so real and honest. I can quickly understand about the novel (The coldest winter ever) I do not have to think twice about this novel like I do in the other novel that have different language from mine. As I read this book I feel like I am in the Winter’s world. Sister Souljah grew up in the underclass urban areas in New York and knows how Winter feels. I think Winter is actually a part or side of Sister Souljah. She tells the truth and nothing but the truth. The Coldest Winter Ever is Sister Souljah’s first novel. The main characters name is Winter. She is a young girl that was born and raised in Brooklyn. She is the daughter of a drug dealer family. Sister Souljah describes her as “smart, sexy, and business minded.” Life for Winter has always been easy because of her family properties, but when things started to go wrong, she is left in this world all alone to try to get out from her trouble by herself. In the first four chapters of “Coldest Winter Ever”, we see the emerging character of Winter Santiaga, a twelve year old that is growing up fast, too fast, it seems. This novel described to moral standards or values, Winter is about fashion, sex and power. By age 12, she and her crew have developed some very promiscuous habits. Leader of her posse, Winter was revered for her choice of fashion, her toughness and for who her daddy is – Ricky Santiaga, drug czar of their Brooklyn hood. The name and presence of Santiaga or his goons invokes a trail of fear. Young boys or older men not dare speaks cruel of either Winter or her family! Dressed to the nines, shopping and sex are her main focus. Life is about to drastically change for Winter. This book is about her struggle to get back to the top and re-gain her spot at the top. It’s like she feels the world is against her and she has to be ruthless all the time. Maybe...
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