Reader-Oriented Criticism

Topics: Writing, Literary criticism, Liminality Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Reader-Oriented Criticism
This essay will summarize what Reader-Oriented Criticism actually is and how it plays a role with in Friday Night Lights. First of all, Reader-Oriented Criticism is the interaction of what the text was written to mean and how the viewer reads it, also known as text-reader relationships. “As such, reader-oriented criticism is largely concerned with “potential” as opposed to “actualized” meanings of the text to an audience” (Vande 331). The text throughs out cues on how they would like the text to be read. There are two ways that the text can be presented: “Open text invites you to view it in many interpretations, while Closed text only gives you one view on how to interoperate it” (Dr. M. Camacho). However within Reader-Oriented Criticism text is always left open for the reader to view and understand it however they wish. Once the viewer has started “to subconsciously wonder how the story will go next, entering the space of the show,” then they have entered liminal space (Dr. M. Camacho). Every TV show has its own little implied meanings which is what the implied author wants the implied viewer to subconsciously receive. From the begging of Friday Night Lights you can tell that the whole town is all about football and Christian faith, who is also the implied author. The director invite you into liminal space at the beginning through the constant movements and angle changes of the cameras making the implied viewer see that the implied author, again the town, is all about football. So not just the whole town, but the whole show is about football, that even you, the real viewer, is alongside the rest of the town waiting for the next game. Thus the implied vier would be each individual players on the team, learning that the whole town is watching them and expecting them to show that football and god are at the same level. Throughout the show it keeps inviting you in to see it as if you are actually in the game: the whole lighting of the show...
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