Read the Real-World Case, Justifying Ec and It Investment in the State of Iowa.

Topics: Cost-benefit analysis, Taxpayer, U.S. state Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: September 15, 2012
The major deficiencies in the old method of requesting EC and IT project for the state of IOWA includes: Too many duplications resulting from different agencies requesting stand alone EC and IT program and not taking advantage of economies of scale by bringing their strengths together; increased cost due to the duplications and not pooling resources together; No priorities were set on EC and IT project selection since there were too much political interference and pressures from out influences and lobbyist and there was no system to justify the need for the projects being requested. In addition the IOWA EC and IT model has carved a niche by the way projects are justified for approval and financing by adopting processes towards that. Firstly, there must be cost-benefit analysis to ensure that the project being requested will be beneficial to the taxpayer and these must be based on established set of factors. The project must achieve a good score per the standards to be selected. The project must meet certain statutory requirements, must be customer oriented and focused, the past performance of the requesting agency must be good and that the project must benefit multiple agencies to be effective and efficient. The IT value model is utilized to achieve the justification and selection. There are several advantages that this project brings to the taxpayer and has been enumerated and discussed below. The program is result oriented and ensures economies of scale with the pulling of resources by to build EC and IT systems that benefit multiple agencies and units of the state as compared to the old system which is usually for one unit or agency of the state government. Also, the enhanced collaboration among agencies has resulted in the elimination of duplicate projects and resulted in cost savings to the taxpayer. Use of cross-functional recourses also results in improved efficiencies and the new system also has resulted in reduced and near elimination of political...
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