Read: Strategic Management and Transmits Computer-readable Data

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  • Published : March 14, 2011
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Name__________________________Date 03/10/2011

Midterm Exam (Chapter 1-7)

Fill in the Blank
1.A(n) ____ is an exchange of value, such as a purchase, a sale, or the conversion of raw materials into a finished product.

2.The group of logical, related, and sequential activities and transactions in which businesses engage are often collectively referred to as ____.

3.____ occurs when one business transmits computer-readable data in a standard format to another business.

4.Businesses that engage in EDI with each other are called ____.

5.The ____ is a large system of interconnected computer networks that spans the globe.

6.A(n) ____ is an e-mail address that forwards any message it receives to any user who has subscribed to the list.

7.A(n) ____ is a software interface that lets users read (or browse) HTML documents and move from one HTML document to another through text formatted with hypertext link tags in each file.

8.A(n) ____ is a way of presenting program control functions and program output to users.

9.____ are sets of words that are assigned to specific IP addresses.

10.The ____ is a graphic image built from customer measurements on which customers can try clothes.

11.The ____ is an intelligent agent program that learns the customer’s preferences and makes suggestions.

12.The ____ of an advertising method is the percentage of recipients who respond to an ad or promotion.

13.The information that a Web site can gather about its visitors is called a(n) ____.

14.In a CRM system, the multiple sources of information about customers, their preferences, and their behavior is entered into a large database called a(n) ____.

15.The part of an industry value chain that precedes a particular strategic business unit is often called a(n) ____.

16.____ are those materials that become part of the finished product in a manufacturing process.

17.____ is the intentional collection,...
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