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Topics: E-learning, Classroom Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Online Classroom verses Campus Classroom

Angela Trotman
Composition I – 150
Instructor Susan Crannell
Week 8 Individual Work

The convenience of online classes can give you academic confidence working at your own pace. Online classes have the advantage of being available anywhere you can access the internet. There is flexibility in scheduling classes, and students assume more responsibility in learning. It gives students the confidence and comfort to be more. Hill, (2012) stated learning online is of course, not the same as learning face to face, and that’s likely good news for anyone who can recall an hour lost listening to an interminable lecture in an overheated classroom. Chandler, 2012) A face to face meeting in a classroom imposes accountability, inspires effort and promotes academic responsibility in subtle ways that we don’t fully appreciate.

Wenzel (2007) shared her voice, stating you can spend time with your family and friends. For parents it is much easier to stay home and take a class than have to leave your kids, with someone else to watch them.

No more spending money on gas to get to class or getting parking tickets. In addition, you can probably get a better job, because of being more flexible with your hours. You are not tied down to when you have to go to bed or wake up for class. You don’t have to travel through a blizzard (if it applies) to get to class. Wenzel (2007)

Hill (2012) Campus classes are more time consuming, because you have to drive in traffic for only one to two hours of class. In that timeframe Instructors have to deliver their lessons and assignments. Most often some students leave without getting a chance to ask question that are important for the next assignment.

Wenzel (2007) Traditional classrooms are not very flexible. Sure sometimes teachers give you...
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