Reactions to Depression

Topics: Research, Research and development, Abortion Pages: 7 (2586 words) Published: May 8, 2011
Life Arts Project
Experiences with Conducting Research through Surveys
Course: Research Methods in Psychology
Instructor: Dr. Kersha Smith
Student: Kyrsten K. Walton
Due Date: May 2, 2011

The thesis of my study will be to understand a woman’s perception of abortion and depression: the view on the relationship between the two. My study will be focused on how much a woman knows about abortion, ways to cope with the abortion, and the relationship abortion may have with depression whether it is pre-abortion or post-abortion. The purpose of the paper is to find the relationship between abortion and depression and how it affects a woman’s lifestyle. Also, how surveys in turn can help provide information for this thesis and its findings. I want to understand whether there is a positive or negative relationship between abortion and depression. At the end of this project I would like to have more knowledge about surveys (in terms of how they work, creating one, and administering one), more about abortions as a whole, whether depression is common more pre-abortion or post-abortion, and finally whether the two: abortion/depression is related. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the making of a research topic/project, relating it to personal issues and class content, and reflecting on working in groups of two or more.

Within this paper I will cover many different topics. First I will talk about the course content that was discussed in class and had an impact on the production of this paper. Second, I will talk about some experiences that have inspired me to bring this project to life. Third, I will explain the methods that I used in order to mold this research paper together. In further detail I will explain the instruments that were used, the participants, and the complete procedure of the research paper. Lastly, I will describe some of my learning objectives, some reactions of my experience with conducting the research and working within a group, and things that I would like to further work on with relations to abortion.

I will use surveys in order to help explain how women feel about the relationship between abortion and depression along with using course content about methods to learn about conducting surveys and analyzing the data. Within the course we talked about different methodologies that would help us gather information for our research projects. After hearing about all the different methodologies, the best one that fit into my project was the survey method. The survey method is seen as a way of gathering information or data by asking questions to a particular population or sample of people who a researcher thinks has the desired information. Within the survey questions are asked in a non-disguised approach and the participants are asked topic related questions along with demographic questions. I chose surveys for my methodology because the questions would be easier to administer to the participants and is faster and less time consuming than observation. Survey data is also more reliable and the results are simple to analyze. The course content of surveys also taught me how to create a survey and its questions in the right manner. In creating my survey I had to be careful with the way I was phrasing questions and avoiding human biases of the participants.

The concepts such as survey, abortion, and depression are important to my project because these are the three concepts that my project revolve around and they are connected to each other. Surveys are used to provide information about the relationship between abortion and depression.

When first hearing about this Life Arts Project (LAP), I was very nervous about how I would approach this major task. This is my first time writing an LAP and focusing on two topics combined into one. The topic that was chosen for my research project is also the topic that I chose to focus on within my LAP. My own experiences with abortion along with...
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