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The Philippine Educational System is having some difficulties in resolving the different issues regarding the quality of education that we have today. Because of this, ,His Excellency Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino our 14th President prioritized the upgrading of the educational system in our country. To give the Filipino people a good quality of education and for the Filipinos to be more globally competitive. One of his agenda is the K-12 PROGRAM wherein 2 more years are added in secondary level which is called “Senior Highschool” , one of the objective of this program is to prepare the student in entering the tertiary level and so that their skills be developed as they are preparing themselves to enter to a new chapter of their lives. With this 10-point agenda that is being implemented by our president we can expect a more progressive, ideal and competitive individual that will be of great help in the future. It is very inspiring to know that the government never stop thinking on how to upgrade the educational system in our country. This time, we know that every Filipino has no right to say that I did not go to school because of poverty because with the programs of Pnoy being poor is not an excuse or a hindrance in going to school and get a college degree, It is now our own will if we want to have a bright future. As the saying goes “ We make our own destiny”.

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