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Chapter I
Executive Summary
I. Company Profile
The Buco Loco is a two-story building which has 20x20m for both the first floor and the second floor. The comfort room is 15x5m and the kitchen is one-fourth of the total of the measurement of the first floor. There are also extensions outside the building for extra tables and chairs, and for the landscape. Location: Laguna is the perfect site for the establishment since (a) it is along the highway wherein the tourist and the locals could see it; (b) it is large enough to accommodate 50 people, and (c) it has ample space for a parking lot for the vehicle especially busses of the tourists. The location is a significant factor or indicator that dictates the kind of operation and services the establishment will offer. The researchers divided the 555 sq.m. lot for the foodservice building which they allotted 400 sq. m and 155 sq.m. for the parking lot. These divisions were done to give ample space for each. The locale in which it is situated also affects the market to which the establishment caters. In the proposed foodservice establishment, the researchers saw that the empty lot in 2907 National Highway, Brgy. Anos, Los Banos, Furniture and Equipment Selection

In selecting the equipment and furniture (E&F) certain elements were considered: practical, essential or technical, and aesthetics elements. These elements were used to give the customers and employees with comfortable surroundings and will give them pleasure. Proper equipment selection is also essential for the employees to be effective and efficient in the workplace. The equipment and furniture should not just be of good quality or cheap, but it should be a combination of the two. The equipment and furniture should be practical. It is dependent on the following factors such as type of foodservice, menu and production forecast; number of workers required and the work they have to do; receiving, handling and storage requirements; and ventilation...
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