Reaction to Person Centered Therapy

Topics: Psychology, Carl Rogers, Scientific method Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: June 20, 2012
Reaction Paper 2: Person-Centered Therapy

Counseling Theories

Reaction Paper 2: Person- Centered Therapy
Reaction Paper: The theory I have chosen to write about is, person-centered therapy by Carl Rogers. The two concepts that will be discussed are: Three core attributes and to help client loosen rigid perceptions and make better decisions. Adolescents will be the population I’ll be focusing on. The reason I have choose adolescents to work with for the two concepts three core attributes and to help client loosen rigid perceptions and make better decisions is because, I believe they relate with each other. With today’s society adolescents have it hard trying to find themselves because of so much going on around them and it first starts off with their family background the morals and values that are installed while being raised. Person Centered Theories were developed by Carl Rogers. Throughout his years of experience working with clients it was Rogers’s goal to assist people feel influential and be in command of their own lives. My personal view of helping someone is based upon my own past experiences for both myself and my observation of others. Person-centered therapy may not work as well with people who find it complicated to discuss issues about themselves or have a mental illness that misrepresents their perceptions of reality. However, I believe that Person Centered Counseling is an approach which emphasizes the client’s responsibility to take control of their own experience. In this approach the client is given the tools and encouragement to make their own decisions and realize their own potential for growth.
After my exposure to this approach, it instantly made an impression on me to the degree that I fully believe and feel confident that this will be the main theory I would prefer to use with my clients and following the three core attributes: congruence, unconditional positive regard, and...
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