Reaction to Jamaica Kincaid's A Tourist is an Ugly Human Being

Topics: Transport, Tourism, Religion Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: December 14, 2012
According to Jamaica Kincaid a tourist is an ugly human being in a few ways. One way in which a tourist is an ugly human being is in the way in which a tourist perceives the place in which he is in. A tourist is an ugly human being due to his/her differences and also indifference to the situation going on at the place where he/she chooses to travel. Ugly in the way that they take no pity, or choose not to realize that their momentary fantasy world is an ugly truth for the natives of that particular region. Also ugly as in maybe "ignorant." Sometimes a tourist becomes "ugly" involuntarily. As a tourist, she argues, one fails to see the harsh reality of things that might appear to us as amusing or beautiful. Not only is a tourist an ugly human being morally, but also culturally. According to Jamaica, natives who work in tourist sites or live in a touristic place despise tourists. From the way they act to the way they look. She makes it seem as if they only seem to get along with the tourists because of their money. A tourist chooses to see the bad and the good of a new place as something positive. She argues that a tourist doesn’t see the reality of the place being visited. She points out that tourists in Antigua don’t care to see what happens with their bathroom water after it has been dispensed. She mentions that the sewage water is flushed out into the ocean. That Antigua doesn’t have a working sewage system. She also mentions how the lobsters that are eaten there are grown in Antigua, then shipped to the U.S., then shipped back down for the tourists to consume. In mentioning this she is able to portray how her people/people are being exploited. The tourist’s perspective is way different of that of a native, and in a way it is justifiable. For all the wrong that can be mentioned about a tourist, one must not forget that the tourist is paying money to visit the native’s land, and is also there to enjoy his/herself. A tourist isn’t really supposed to tackle the...
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